With just a little budget, effort and time, you can easily market and promote your company and its products and services online digitally. To do so, after determining your product and business nature, and registering your company and business with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), you will need to complete your Domain Registration and host your Business Website and Email Addresses.

Domain Registration

A Domain Name is a unique online identity for any business, especially for eCommerce operations. Customising a Domain name that reflects your business and brand helps potential clients to locate and retain your brand easily. In addition, a good domain name can drive traffic to your site, which translates to increased exposure and sales. Some trusted advice for choosing the most suitable domain name for your website are:

  • Make it short, easy to spell and type
  • Keep it memorable and brandable, using keywords that reflect your brand
  • Avoid being too similar to competing or trademarked domain names
  • Avoid using numbers, hyphens and double letters
  • Use an appropriate domain name extension (.com, .net, .org, etc)

Some of the most memorable (and valuable) domain names are:

  • LasVegas.com – $90 million (2005-2040)
  • CarInsurance.com– $49.7 million (2010)
  • Insurance.com – $35.6 million (2010)
  • Vacationrentals.com – $35 million (2007)
  • Privatejet.com – $30.1 million (2012)
  • Internet.com – $18 million (2009)
  • Insure.com – $16 million (2009)
  • Sex.com – $13 million (2010)
  • Hotels.com – $11 million (2001)
  • Fund.com – $9.9 million (2008)
  • Porn.com – 9.5 million (2007)
  • Fb.com – $8.5 million (2010)

Once you have registered your business in Malaysia with the SSM, you will receive a unique business registration number or ID. With that, you can register a .com.my domain which will look even more localized, relevant and credible in Malaysia.

Web & Email Hosting

After registering a domain name, you will need to find a host for your upcoming company website and business email accounts. Hosting basically involves paying for disk space (on a monthly or yearly basis) to store your files, for example the web design texts, images and perhaps videos related to your mechandise and services, so they can be accessed over the Internet. You can get your domain name, hosting and email address from any reliable and reputable Web Hosting Company, sign up for any shared hosting package, and you are good to go. You can also choose to host your website and email addresses separately or with the same provider, depending on your specific needs. Criteria for reliable website and email hosting include

  • Speed & Bandwidth
  • Consistent Uptime
  • Security
  • Customer Service
  • Storage & Backup
  • Pricing.

Email is still classified as one of the most crucial and effective tools for business and personal communication even with the popularity of instant messaging services. A majority of consumers believe a company-branded email is more credible than a business using a free email account. Therefore, having business email addresses ending with @yourdomain.com builds trust and credibility, and also creates better retention of your brand identity.

Once you have your domain name and website hosting ready, you can then begining building, uploading and publishing your company website and the mechandise and services it offers.