Type Overview Requirements
Employment Pass (EP) – For long-term stay / work and is classified into 3 categories.
– Multiple entry.
– Online application by the company and a guarantor required for application
– Holders of Category III may not obtain Dependent Pass
Category I
– Minimum RM10,000 monthly salary
– Employment contract of 5 years or lessCategory II
– Minimum RM5,000 – RM9,999 monthly salary
– Employment contract of 2 years or lessCategory III
– Minimum RM3,000 – RM4,999 monthly salary
– Employment contract less than 12 months
Visit Pass / Professional Visit Pass (PVP) – Short-term work pass for professionals (e.g. special projects & technical cooperation)
– Company will follow the application procedure of Expatriate Services Division (ESD).
– Employment by companies outside Malaysia
– Maximum duration is 1 year (however, for corporate trainees, less than 6 months)
– Family member may not accompany the employee
Malaysia My Second Home Visa (MM2H) – Up to 10 years (renewable with permission from Immigration Department)
– Part-time employment may be allowed
– For 50 years of age and older: revenue certificate of RM10,000 or more per month and asset verification of RM350,000 or more
– Less than 50 years of age: revenue certificate of RM10,000 or more per month and asset verification of RM500,000 or more
Resident Pass – Talent (RP-T) – To attract and secure foreign talent in important economic fields.

– Holders may work and stay up to 10 years and areable to change employer.

– Holder’s spouse and children under 18 years of age are also eligible for this pass.
– Children over 18 years of age, parents, and spouse’s parents are eligible for the Social Visit Pass (maximum duration is 5 years).
– Upon accquiring the RP-T, spouse is not required to accquire an EP to work in the Malaysia.
Visitor Pass – For short-term visits. – Sightseeing, business meetings, foreign diplomacy, etc, within 90 days.
– In possession of return ticket / flight ticket to a third country.
– May not be used for working in Malaysia.
Dependent Pass – For dependents to accompany the holder. Validity is the same as the validity of the representative EP. – Subject to the holder having permitted the accquisition of Dependent Pass for the spouse.