Register SDN BHD

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the demand for Malaysia Company Incorporation, as a growing number of foreign businesses aim to set up shop in the country. We have been at the forefront of this growing demand, catering to many that are now successful businesses, some of whom have become leaders in many industries.
We have and continue to help businesses of all sizes register for SDN BHD in Malaysia. The setup process is often tricky and requires knowledge of how everything works. Many business owners try to register themselves and fail because they are not aware of how to go about doing things correctly. That’s where our services can help you.

We Handle the Entire SDN BHD Registration Process

The first thing a foreign business or investor needs to understand is that to register a business in Malaysia; you need to incorporate a company with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) or Companies Commission of Malaysia. That can only be done through a certified company secretary.

We will work as your company formation agent to register and set up your business. Our team arranges for everything from the secretary to preparing the required paperwork. We have a qualified team of professionals, which include accountants who are registered with the MAISCA of and MIA, plus are licensed GST agents and CTIM registered tax agents. We also have qualified HR personnel who are registered with the MIHRM. That’s how we are able to fulfill all the requirements to register your company.

Our Team is All You Need

As a foreign investor or business, you already know the value of hiring the best, most qualified people for the job. We are the most experienced formation experts in Malaysia and can handle everything required to get your business SDN BHD registration.

Not only do we work swiftly so that the registration is completed ASAP, but we will keep you updated on our progress. That way, you can make the business decisions required to start marketing and selling your services or products.

We Welcome You to A World of Opportunities

Malaysia is one of the best places in Asia to do business. That’s why the country continues to be frequented with so many startups, small and medium-sized companies who have come to call the country home. If you need more information regarding the SDN BHD process or any other aspect of setting up a business in Malaysia, we invite you to contact us. Book an appointment, and we can have a one on one session discussing what you need so that we can charter the best course forward.