Register a Business in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best places to set up a business in South East Asia. Not only because of its close proximity to Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia but also because it offers a higher standard of living. Investors know the value of incorporating their business in Malaysia, which is why the country sees hundreds flock to do business from across the world.

Why You Need Experts Like Us?

Filing for incorporation in Malaysia, similar to registering a business in the sense that it requires jumping through many hoops. Numerous formalities need to be fulfilled, much of which is vastly unknown to foreigners. That’s why foreigners who decide to incorporate their own business often end up giving up. The good news is that when you hire us, our team takes care of everything required.

We will help you:

  • Choose an incorporation type: Sole proprietorship; Partnership; Limited Liability Partnership, also known as LLP; Private Limited Company, commonly known as Sendirian Berhad or Sdn Bhd; Public Limited Company, locally known as Berhad; Company Limited By Guarantee.
  • Help you with hiring a director, registered secretary, and other formalities.
  • Help make an application through Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), which is the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
  • Since we know our way around the incorporation system in Malaysia, there are no unexpected delays or hurdles to getting up and running.

How Long Does Incorporation Take

When we register your business in Malaysia, the entire process from the time documents are signed to their submission takes around ten days on average. Incorporation completion time can vary depending on how accurately the papers are filled out and if they are complete.
Most delays occur because people fail to mention the most critical points in their documents. However, we take care of this, ensuring that there are no delays.

Helping You File Necessary Documentation

Malaysia enacted its Companies Act in 1965. The act mandates that all corporations should file annually with the SSM, a Malaysian government agency. The filings include annual returns, which are to be updated during the Annual General Meeting. The corporation also needs to file a certificate that lists its corporation’s shareholders and signed by a manager, secretary of the corporation or director. All of these documents should be submitted together along with the Audited financial statements within a month of AGM.

Call us For a Consultation

The first step to registering your business in Malaysia is to consult with us. We will discuss your needs, budget, and other constraints, which then helps us chart a way forward.
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