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Prices below are all quoted in USD.

*On the basis that the Labuan Company is incorporated with an issued and paid-up capital not exceeding the equivalent value of RM50,000, the fees shall be as per stated below.

US$ 3,500

○ Setup and Incorporation Fees
○ Incorporation Administration
○ Provision of Resident Secretary & Registered Office
○ Submission of Tax Return
○ Miscellaneous Disbursement

US$ 3,200

○ Annual Administrative Fees
○ Provision of Resident Secretary & Registered Office
○ Submission of Tax Filing Return
○ Miscellaneous Disbursement

*Note: The above-quoted fees do not include any out-of-pocket disbursements.

VentureHaven is able to assist you with setting the up of a company in Labuan, Malaysia. Below is a compressed version of the requirements, for more information contact us here.


Introduction Labuan is federal territory in East Malaysia. An offshore company is only permitted to carry on business in, from or through Labuan. An offshore company in Labuan traditionally May Not:

○ Carry on business with a resident of Malaysia except as permitted by the Offshore Banking Act 1990;

○ Carry on the business of banking or insurance or such similar business unless it is licensed to do under the Offshore Banking Act 1990 or the Offshore Insurance Act 1990;

○ Carry on business in the Malaysian currency except for defraying its administrative and statutory expenses;

○ Carry on the business of shipping or petroleum operations in Malaysia or carry on business as a trust company.

Directors & Shareholders   Requires only 1 director and 1 shareholder, and it can be 100% foreign owned, without local Malaysia partner.
Secretary A minimum of 1 secretary.
Filing of Annual Return
& Financial Statement
It is obligatory for the filing of Annual Return and Financial Statement (may not need, subject to taxation and company operation) to be done each year.

E.g. The company which is an offshore trading can elect to pay 3% on net audited profits or opt to pay tax of RM20,000 p.a.
If companies choose to pay tax of RM20,000 p.a., they are not required to file financial statements. 

Corporate Taxation Access to Double Taxation Agreement.

Offshore company carrying on an offshore business activity which is an offshore trading activity – 3% of net profits as per audited accounts; or may elect to be charged to tax of RM20,000.00 instead.

Offshore company with no accounting period or periods ended in the preceding year. –  RM 20,000.00

Offshore Company carrying on an offshore business activity which is an offshore non-trading activity –  Zero Tax

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