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According to The Companies Act 2016, a company incorporated in Malaysia must appoint at least one company secretary within 30 days of the date of incorporation, and notify the Companies Registrar within 14 days of the date of appointment.

An appointed company secretary in Malaysia must be a natural person, 18 years of age and above, and a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia, who shall ordinarily reside in Malaysia, and must be a member of a professional body set out in the Fourth Schedule or is duly licenced by the SSM.

Company secretaries play a pivotal role in the growth and success of a company. From ensuring that your company is acting in compliance with Malaysia’s statutory obligations to playing the advisory role in your firm, your company secretary undertakes numerous roles in your company. As such, it is crucial that the firm you entrust your company secretary services to is competent and reliable. Here are three reasons why VentureHaven is your best bet when it comes to corporate secretarial services.

Greater Security

Your company secretary functions as the backbone of your company’s administrative and compliance-related matters. With failure to perform these duties in accordance to legal demands possibly resulting in serious repercussions to the company, it is hence advisable that your company secretary possesses the necessary skills and capabilities to discharge these functions. VentureHaven has a competent team of licensed and highly trained individuals equipped to handle your administrative functions for your secretarial role. With numerous years of experience in corporate advisory and related services, our team will make sure that your company complies to the Companies Act and is thus safeguarded from any fines, penalties and additional expenses.

Greater Efficiency

Ensuring that requirements set by regulatory authorities are completed and punctually met can be time consuming and demanding without a reliable company secretary to handle the job. With VentureHaven however, you no longer have to spend additional time and effort researching and making sure that these regulations are being adhered to by your company. Simply trust us to settle your deadlines and other tedious responsibilities and in turn gain more time and energy to concentrate on other crucial business processes in your company.

Greater Growth

At VentureHaven, we believe that maintaining a high standard of corporate governance is a cornerstone to the growth and success of your company. While other firms offering corporate secretarial services focus mainly on complying with government red tape, growth and profit, we strive to play an advisory role to your company, to make sure that there are no oversights, and help you with formulating strategies to complement your decision-making process. We aid you in monitoring your internal controls and ensuring that your company is always ready and prepared for each stage of growth, providing you with the support you need to bring your company further.

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