The vast ethnic diversity in Malaysia has made the country a food paradise, with a flourishing F&B industry featuring extensive menus from the country’s own multicultural groups, as well as restaurateurs from all over the world.

After deciding to register company in Malaysia, setting up a restaurant begins with the concept of the restaurant’s menu, investment’s capital, along with source of financial support, expected profit, and, of course, a well-conceptualised marketing plan. The location of the business (yes, location, location, location) must meet, as much as it’s possible, ideals such as high traffic, easy access and good visibility; the competitors nearby should also be taken into consideration.

Register Company in Malaysia

Menu: Your menu is your money-generating machine in the restaurant business. It should be designed to highlight your most lucrative items and also feature items that will entice customers to come back for and even spread the word to their friends and family. Therefore, understanding your target market and current food trends are key consideration in strategising your menu offering.

Social media has become a big influence in where someone decides to have his or her next meal or dining experience, and many restaurants have engaged local food bloggers to promote their menu specialties and promotions for the day or week.

Marketing: As mentioned above, engaging social media platforms and their influencers to promote your menu has become a popular marketing strategy for the restaurant business.  You can also manage or hire personnel to manage your restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to achieve more effective branding and customer engagement, turning them into powerful marketing tools (at a very low cost). Direct advertising is also a good option, if budget allows.

A dedicated website (integrated and working hand in hand with your social media platforms, of course), featuring attractive images and enticing descriptions of your menu offerings, and also events and promotions. is another a powerful marketing tool to help you generate traffic and buzz for your establishment.

Staffing:  All else is but castles in the air if your restaurant does not have the personnel to actually run the place, prepare and serve the food, to a highly satisfactory degree. The staff is responsible for creating the entire dining experience, and hiring a competent, well trained, professional staff, though challenging, require consistent focus and effort, not just at the launching stage of the business, but at all times.

Licensing and Permits: Needless to say without procuring the necessary licences and permits pertaining to your F&B business nothing in marketing or administration can come to fruition.

The first step to register a company Malaysia is to incorporate a Malaysian company Sdn Bhd (Pte Ltd). 100% foreign ownership is available with a minimum paid up capital RM1 million. A Signboard Licence, Alcohol Licence (if alcohol is to be served), Halal Licence (if applicable), MACP and PPM (where music will be played) are some licences that need to be obtained additionally.

Your incorporation agent is able to advise you further with regard to licensing and permits when you register a company Malaysia.