The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is the regulating authority for the tourism sector, more specifically, responsible for the issuance of a business licence for operating a hotel in Malaysia.

Several basic requirements are to be fulfilled to begin operating a hotel in Malaysia. They include:

  • Company Incorporation, i.e. company registration Malaysia
  • Drafting the Constitution, if desired, but not mandatory
  • Registering with the tax authorities
  • Submitting the necessary documents for register a company Malaysia with the Companies Commission of Malaysia

For full service hotels, several additional licences will need to be obtained. They include:

  • Sell alcoholic beverages at bars, coffee shops and restaurants
  • Feature commercials and advertisements in the hotel
  • Build a swimming pool and parking lot
  • Open a beauty salon
  • All other indoor facilities and entertainment

Company Registration Malaysia

Besides making sure that all legislative and compliance aspects of owning and operating a hotel are taken care of, a hotel owner, especially one on an entrepreneurial venture, would also need to consider business planning and strategising aspects such as:

  • Cost. Cost of investing and starting any business is something that needs careful research and planning, especially if the project is as large-scale as a hotel. Sufficient funds and their respective sources are to be secured, and only after working out the actual figures, numbers and data relevant to the initial investment, its running and future development can the venture be embarked.
  • Employees.  Even though Malaysia has a strong local labour force, investors will need to work out the skill sets and experience required for each category of the staff essential to the operation of a hotel. Taking time and making effort to hire the most suitable and well qualified heads of each department will pay off on the longer run. The proper remuneration and benefits must also be afforded to respective employees based on an overall budget and business plan.
  • Competition.  The tourism industry in Malaysia is a competitive business, with many entries into the market by both local and foreign investors.  Doing competitive research will help identify your competitors, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and also the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services, so you can get a clearer idea of how your offerings will hold up against theirs in reality. Competitive research also helps to identify industry trends, with which some competitive edge might be found.
  • Quality of Service.  No amount of hype or marketing can serve a hospitality establishment if it cannot achieve and sustain quality in its service. Treating every guest like a V.I.P. is quite the given, but consistently training your service personnel and providing with performance support, along with upgrading your hotel’s technology to provide better personalised service may garner your establishment an astounding reputation.