How much do you pay for secretarial services Malaysia?

A Company Secretary is an official appointment by the Board of Directors of a company, required by law. The company secretary’s responsibilities in a company has evolved into one involving important administrative, advisory and fiduciary functions that affect the overall wellbeing of a company. Therefore, the one appointed to the position, not infrequently through engaging company secretary services, is required to be highly versatile so that matters in board procedures and corporate governance can be regularly and meticulously reviewed and executed year after year.

Company Secretary Services

And a successful, mutually rewarding business relationship year after year is the main reason why VentureHaven, an established and experienced Secretarial Services Malaysia Provider, includes 12 months of company secretary services right from outset with the incorporation of a company. With long-term servicing of your company in mind, VentureHaven at least wants to see the company through its first year of operation, the period when a new company will likely require professional advice and execution with regard to:

  • provisions of the Constitution to ensure all procedures are adhered to
  • annual compliances and submissions related to all statutory and regulatory bodies in Malaysia
  • board and members’ resolutions
  • transfer of shares, splitting of shares certificate and issuance of duplicate share certificates
  • allotment of Shares, Rights/Bonus Issue and Declaration of Dividendchanges to the structure of the company in the company’s statutory registers, for example, the Register of Directors and Register of Members
  • security and accuracy of important company documents, which include the certificate of incorporation, share certificates, meeting minutes, memorandum and article of associations and other important ones.

For VentureHaven, renewal of Secretarial Services Malaysia  is also annually-based, for the same reason of commitment to your company’s adherence to the law, proper corporate management practices and corporate social responsibility over an entire year, all of which impact a company’s long-term success. All aspects of compliancy gatekeeping and other company secretarial functions cannot be properly executed within a month or two, but over an entire financial year. The idea of engaging and renewing a company secretary on a monthly basis may give business owners the liberty of switching company secretary with relative ease (if lodging paperwork with SSM is overlooked), but it may downplay the value and perks of building a long-term business relationship with a Secretarial Services Malaysia provider when it comes to non-interruptive oversight and support in your company’s legal compliance matters.

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