Types Of Expatriate Posts in Malaysia

Expatriates refer to foreigners who are qualified to fulfill the following positions:

1. Key Posts – High level (1st level) managerial posts in foreign-owned private companies and firms operating in Malaysia.

These appointed expatriates are responsible in determining the company’s policies in achieving its goals and objectives, thus key posts are essential for companies to safeguard their interests and investments.

Examples: Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, General Manager, Technical Director, Production Manager, Project Manager or Factory Manager.

2. Executive Posts – Intermediate level (2nd level) managerial and professional posts.

These posts require academic qualifications, practical experience, skills and expertise related to the respective jobs. The expatriates are responsible for implementing the company’s policies and supervision of staff.

Examples: Management functions such as Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager, Investment Manager and Quality Control Manager. Professionals such as Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager, Lecturer, Doctor, Architect etc.

3. Non-Executive Posts

These are posts for the performance of technical jobs that require specific technical or practical skills and experience.

Examples: Welder, Mould Maker, Mould Designer, Tool & Die Maker, Manufacturing Systems Designer, Food/Nutrient Technologist, Fashion Designer, Specialist in Furniture Design & Ergonomics, Heat Setting Technician, Sewing Specialist, Craftsman/Engraving and Product/Flavouring Specialist.

The Malaysian Government has appointed the following agencies to evaluate and approve expatriate posts:

  • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) for the manufacturing and its related services sectors.
  • Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for the information technology sector, specifically companies that have been awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status.
  • Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) for the financial, insurance and banking sectors.
  • Securities Commission (SC) for the securities and futures market.
  • Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp – BC) for the biotechnology industry. BC facilitates immigration and employment related matters to biotechnology companies. Applications supported by BC will be forwarded to the Expatriate Committee for approval.
  • Expatriate Committee (EC) for expatriate posts in sectors other than the above mentioned sectors. The Employment Pass Division of the Immigration Department of Malaysia is the secretariat for EC.

The following minumum paid-up share capital requirements must be fulfilled before an application for an expatriate position can be processed by the expatriate committee:

      • 100% Malaysian owned company: RM250,000
      • Malaysian & foreign owned company: RM350,000
      • 100% foreign owned company: RM500,000
      • Company undertaking distributive trade & foreign owned restaurant: RM1,000,000

Special Note: Although the Malaysian Government permits investors to bring in technical expertise or other executive personnel necessary for the functioning of their companies, its long-term policy is for Malaysians to be eventually trained and employed at all levels of employment.

(Source: http://www.mpc.gov.my)