Overview of Malaysia’s eCommerce Potential:

  • approximately 25.84 million active internet users (80 percent of the population)
  • extremely high rates of mobile phone penetration
  • of the 32.25 million Malaysians (January 2019 data):
    • 25 million are social media users
    • 40.24 million mobile subscriptions
    • 24 million use social media on their mobile devices.
  • The National eCommerce Council (NeCC), comprising various ministries and agencies, was established to drive the implementation of the roadmap towards doubling Malaysia’s eCommerce growth rate to reach a GDP contribution of USD 53 billion by 2020.
  • Digital Free Trade Zone is an initiative by the Malaysian Government focused on the development of an ecosystem and a catalyst to the booming internet economy and eCommerce activities in Malaysia.

Current Market Trends

Malaysia boasts 16.53 million online shoppers (50 percent of the population) and 62 percent of mobile users use their devices to shop online. Online shoppers are motivated by price advantages, product range, and availability of reviews. Malaysian shoppers look for free shipping, convenience, and exclusive deals offered by online stores.

Activities reported by Internet users in Jan 2019 Top most purchased categories 5 trends of the Malaysian e-commerce in 2019
  • Search online for a products or service to buy – 88%
  • Visited an online retail store on the web (any device) – 88%
  • Purchased a product or service online (any device) – 75%
  • Made an online purchase via laptop or desktop – 44%
  • Made an online purchase via mobile device – 58%
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Electronics & Physical Media
  • Food & Personal Care
  • Furniture & Appliances
  • Toys & Hobbies/ Sports
  • Travelling (including accommodation)
  • Digital Music
  • Video Games
  • Online shopping is poised to keep on growing
  • Payment methods will become more digital
  • Customers are willing to shop in new products categories
  • Express delivery will become the norm
  • Customers will look beyond price.

(Source: www.export.gov)