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Malaysian incorporation rules require that companies have at least one company secretary who should be appointed within 30 days after incorporation. All foreign held businesses need to adhere to this rule, that said you can’t hire just any secretary, the law defines that the secretary should meet a certain criteria.

We Can Help You with Appointing a Company Secretary in Malaysia

Company secretaries need to be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia. Secretaries are also required to be qualified chartered accountants or be chartered secretary or perhaps a lawyer or a licensed secretary.
Secretaries are then required by law to prepare Minutes, Attend Meetings and Resolutions so as to update MAA, share allocation and various other important documents. We know that all of this can be overwhelming for a foreign business to fully grasp which is where we come in.
Our service ensures that a secretary is appointed to your organization as soon as incorporation is complete. We make sure that the secretary complies with all the requirements which saves you from having to go through an extensive recruitment process to get one.

Core Responsibilities of a Company Secretary in Malaysia

Company secretaries apart from ensuring and monitoring compliance with all current legal requirements for a business, also need to take care of the following:

General Meetings

During general meetings the company secretary will get both external and external agreements which are to be circulated to all those attending the meeting, co-coordinating the administration and shareholders. The secretary similar to their role at Board Meetings will also take minutes and ensure that the right process is followed.

Board Meetings

Company secretaries are responsible for coordinating the company’s decision making and reporting process. They will also formulate meeting agendas with the CEO or chairman of the company, take minutes, attend meetings, certify copies of the minutes, maintain minute books, ensure that all the right procedures are followed.


Secretaries will also ensure that the company complies with its constitution. Additionally, drafting amendments which are inline with the right procedures.

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