Register Company in Malaysia under the Companies Act 2016

Basic Requirements:

    • Minimum paid-up capital of RM1
    • A Company Secretary who ordinarily resides in Malaysia, and who is either a member of a prescribed professional body or one licensed by the SSM
    • Registered Office Address in Malaysia, where all books and documents required under the provisions of the Act are kept
    • Private company – at least one director (>18 years of age) who ordinarily resides in Malaysia and one promoter
    • Public company – at least two directors (>18 years of age) who ordinarily reside in Malaysia and minimum one promoter

Company Name Approval by SSM:

(a) Personal name: Uses the name in the identity card. This category does not need to be reviewed for  approval

(b) Trade Name: The proposed business name needs prior approval by the SSM 

Guidelines for Trade Name Application:

Names that

      • are considered too general or generic;
      • resemble another that has been registered or reserved;
      • contain elements of obscenity, insults or profanity;
      • are confusing and not in line with actual business activity;
      • involve religion, renowned or historical figures and statutory bodies;
      • are, in the opinion of the Registrar, undesirable

shall likely not be approved.

Information Required for Incorporation Procedure:

  • The approved proposed company name (validity of approved name is 30 days)
  • The status whether the company is private or public
  • The proposed type of business
  • The address of registered office
  • The business address
  • Complete details of director(s) and promoter(s) (proof of name, identification, nationality, place of residence)
  • Declaration from director(s) and promoter(s)
    • not an undischarged bankrupt either in or outside Malaysia; and
    • not been convicted of any offence whether in or outside Malaysia
  • Declaration of compliance from individuals responsible for incorporation
  • Additional Documents (if any)


  • Section 30(1) CA 2016 requires the display of both registered name and company registration number at its registered office and every place where the company’s business is conducted, and also every place where its books are kept. In addition, s30(2) also requires the company to disclose its registered name and company registration number in its business correspondence and documentation including its website.
  • Company Secretary must be appointed within 30 days after incorporation.
  • If required by the company, it may file the constitution of the company after the incorporation of the company.

Register Company in Malaysia

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