Extensive Responsibilities of a Company Secretary


A Company Secretary is in charge of making sure the company meets its deadlines for all required reporting to Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia (LHDN) and Companies Commission Of Malaysia (SSM), and other relevant business regulatory authorities in Malaysia.

A Company Secretary also prepares and maintains all AGM and EGM meeting agenda and meeting minutes, and is also responsible for managing the paperwork involved in company shares, such as issuance and transfer, as well as updating the shareholder register.


Besides being on top of internal governance, a Company Secretary in Malaysia possesses well-rounded knowledge of legal and business compliance frameworks, and therefore is positioned to provide reliable advice that complement formulating business strategies and decision-making to shareholders, directors and other stakeholders of the company. Company secretaries will also be able to identify any non-compliance with certain company policies, and helping directors to make the necessary changes. Their advice will ensure the company is constantly in line with legal and compliance frameworks in Malaysia.

Fiduciary role

A Company Secretary has a fiduciary role to conduct his or her work and behaviour in good faith towards the best interests of the company, and to avoid or disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may be foreseen to arise.

Failure to perform any such Fiduciary, Advisory or Administrative can lead to severe legal consequences a company, leading to penalties such as fines, imprisonment and the removal of a director or company secretary.

Company Secretary Services

In light of the many extensive and vital responsibilities a company secretary must perform, it may be worthwhile to contact a professional Company Secretary Services Provider if your company is seeking fully qualifed and experienced Company Secretary KL or JB.